Pack Like A Pro

By: Mike Dunn | Haddie Djemal Posted: 4:57 PM, May 9, 2022

If you’re like 62% of Americans – you overpack – and leave a quarter of the content in your luggage left untouched. With baggage fees increasing and stricter weight limits on carry ons, we want to make sure we’re not lugging around more than we need. We spoke to expert Kristina Pernfors, who gave us three tips to pack like a pro.

Start From the Ground Up: Your Shoes

Shoes are notoriously heavy and take up the most space in our suitcase. We should all aim to build outfits around the shoes we bring. Women – grab a pair of nude shoes; men – it’s the sneakers for you. An extra swimsuit won’t tip the scales at the airport, but extra shoes certainly will. Opting for neutrals will be the most flexible.

Next: Plan For Each Day

Adding small tasks to your trip prep-list like; checking the weather at your destination (day and night!), your itinerary, etc will allow you to be ready for whatever your trip throws at you.

Last: Create a Vacation Look Book

This is the game changer. Start a few days before your trip – put your clothes out on the floor and take photos of them to keep in your phone as an album. That way, when it’s time to pack, you’ve worked out everything you want to wear and how you’ll wear it so getting ready is a breeze.

Happy traveling!