Pallet Home Decor: 3 Cheap & Easy Projects

DIY The List
By: Brian Corsetti Posted: 8:15 PM, Feb 1, 2017

Repurposed wooden pallets have become big players in the “Do It Yourself” revolution. Today, Brian Corsetti is using them to add big value to your home for almost free.

1.  Retro Wagon Table

Begin by taking off the wagon wheels and the pallet wood is for the table legs. Pallets come in different colors so go ahead and put the lighter ones in back. Now the legs are done. Put the wagon on top and drill to fasten. There's your one of a kind Radio Flyer foyer table.

2.  Soap Dispenser

You're going to need 2 mason jars with lids, metal piping, nozzles and some pallet wood. Assemble the pipes in a t shape so the mason jars sit side by side. It's super easy to put together. Next, cut a hole in each lid of the mason jars with a utility knife and Insert the pipe into the top of the lid, and secure it on the bottom. It’s time to bring in the pallet wood! The wood is important because it holds everything into place. Drill two holes so the pipes can easily fit through. Just hang it on the wall and you're good to go.

3.  Rustic Pallet Wall Art

Take wood from your pallet, line them up and secure it with two additional wood braces. Then stencil and paint a fun quote and let it dry. It’s that easy!

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