Parent Tech: 3 mobile safety apps you need to see

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By: Lindsey Granger Posted: 5:36 PM, Jun 6, 2017

Kids are so glued to their electronics these days, you'd think they came with their own charging docks. But if you're worried about what they might be up to when they're holding their phones up to their noses at dinner, rest easy – Lindsey Granger has found 3 way you can use apps to keep them from "swiping right" on bad behaviors and decisions online.

1. The Tale of Two Calculators

Despite what it seems, this app is not helping the user do math. The Secret Calculator app actually hides photos, videos, and other saved files behind a passcode.

2. Get A Nanny

Make sure the kids get to their homework by limiting time on the web after school, from wherever you are – The Net Nanny app lets you control your kids' internet activity remotely, keeping them safe from bad content, without you having to run home. 

3. Teen Safe

This app is a Swiss Army Knife in keeping your kids safe from online threats. It let's you view your teens texts, even if they delete them; shows you what sites they've visited; and even has GPS.

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