Parrot Ordering from Alexa: Watch Petra the Talking Parrot & More Viral Birds

By: Orlando Morales | Teresa Strasser | Victor Padilla Posted: 11:32 AM, May 20, 2019 Updated: 11:40 AM, May 20, 2019

Apparently, social media’s gone to the birds – literally. And we’re not talkin’ tweets! Get your crackers ready, because we rounded up three famous YouTube fowls – including a parrot ordering from Alexa!


1. Lucky the Cockatiel

Coming in at number one is Lucky the Cockatiel. With almost nine million combined views on YouTube, he first went viral for singing a rendition of the default iPhone ringtone. I turns out Lucky sings this song whenever his owners are tying their shoes before leaving their house. And in another video titled “Lucky the iPhone Singing Cockatiel is Over It”, you can see him rip off the escape key to a laptop playing his viral video. We guess he’s crying fowl!


2. Parrot Ordering from Alexa


Have you ever seen a parrot ordering from Alexa? Feast your eyes – and ears! – on Petra the grey parrot. With over 13 million views on YouTube, this African grey parrot is very talkative. Just give her what she commands, and she’ll pull off a trick like giving her Amazon Alexa a command. She makes requests such as, “Can I have fresh water?…Can I have scratch-scratch?” And all this time we thought Polly only wanted a cracker! Follow her YouTube channel here.


3. Alex the Honking Bird

And third on our list of high-flying YouTube stars is Alex the Honking Bird. With over 17 million total views, he’s another celeb cockatiel. But this one is mostly known for headbanging while honking at various household items, like a spatula or pasta scoop. He’s also in pop culture-inspired videos like, including a Game of Thrones parody where he gets his dragon on.


If you’ve ever wanted to witness a parrot ordering from Alexa or head banging its little heart out, now you have.


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