Party Etiquette: 5 Basic Tips to Avoid Being “That Person”

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By: Kristina Guerrero | Meredith Witthar Posted: 9:57 PM, Sep 14, 2017

It's party time and that means food, booze and manners. Kristina Guerrero met up with etiquette expert Miss Lora to get a list of do's and don'ts when you go to or host a shindig. Check out the above video for five important party etiquette tips.

1.  When to Arrive and Leave

For a dinner party always be on time and for a regular party, anytime is a good time.

2.  Taking Off Shoes

Most people that want you to take your shoes off will let you know.

3.  Gift Giving

It's never rude to bring a gift to a party.

4.  Posting on Social

Just be polite about posting on social media. It's always good to ask before sharing.

5.  Leftover Drinks

Never try to take home that bottle of wine or beer that you brought to the party. That's just rude!

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