Patti Stanger’s 3 Ways to Get Back into the Dating Game

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By: Kristina Guerrero | Jessica Robertson Posted: 5:09 PM, Oct 5, 2017

Reality TV doesn't get much crazier than the WE tv series Million Dollar Matchmaker. The finale of season two is tomorrow and the marriage broker, Patti Stanger, has some dating advice just for our Listers that she’s sharing with Kristina Guerrero.

1.  Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

Look in the mirror and update your look. Take someone with you shopping and make sure you are attracted to them. When you shop with a person you’re attracted to, they’ll help you buy clothes that are attractive to the kind of person you want to date.

2.  Make a Business Plan

Break down looking for a date into five places – 20% online, 20% through friends and family, 20% through interests and hobbies, 20% through travel, and 20% wiggle room. Don’t worry about the wiggle room – life will help you out, just be willing to let it happen. BUT – when you DO actively seek out love, go alone. People are afraid to approach you when you’re in a group. As Patti says, “When you travel in packs, you don’t attract!”

3.  No TMI!

Your dating past is a turn off. Keep it to yourself. And don’t discuss your current dating life with others. Don’t go flapping your mouth to everyone about the new person you’re dating until after you are monogamous – at least three months. And before monogamy, if you are dating more than one person (“a pair and a spare”, is what Patti calls it), keep that to yourself, too. If you run into your spare at a restaurant say, “ya, it’s just a friend” and let it go. Until you are monogamous, it’s no one’s business.

Watch the season finale of Million Dollar Matchmaker tomorrow, at 9/8C on WE tv!

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