3 Unique Performance Artists Going Viral on YouTube

By: Teresa Strasser | Orlando Morales Posted: 11:19 AM, Dec 7, 2018

Recently we’ve been seeing unusual artistic acts that are so weird we just have to share them with you. Read on for three peculiar performance artists that are gaining lots of attention online.

1. Sitting and Smiling 

First on our list is Benjamin Bennett, whose YouTube Channel is all about live streaming himself sitting completely still while smiling for around four hours at a time. He never breaks character, even in one particular video where a burglar invades his home. That’s right. He remained sitting and smiling while someone broke into his house. The video now has over three million YouTube views, and in the description he writes that he heard the burglar promptly leave his home when he found him on the floor!  

2. Poppy 

Meet Poppy, a YouTuber that has made a career for herself by juxtaposing calm with creepy as she plays a pastel character who often comes off as stoic and surreal. Her cult followers are known as “Poppy Seeds,” and even though her subscriber count is turned off in her channel, her growth in undeniable. She’s released multiple songs with millions of views each, including her latest single, “X.” 

3. Man Eating Food

And taking the third spot on our list of peculiar performance artists is the YouTube Channel, “Man Eating Food.” In the past four months, this YouTuber has posted over 300 videos of himself eating various foods. He’s even tried unusual combos, like tuna on ice cream. His eating and less-than-a-minute-long clips have earned him an audience of over 20,000 people.


Art is all about perception and these channels are without a doubt living proof of that!


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