Perfect Pet: 3 Reptiles You’ll Want to Take Home

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By: Dave Taylor Posted: 5:24 PM, Sep 22, 2016

We love our dogs and cats, but for families looking to get a bit more creative in the pet department, how about a reptile? These creatures are amazingly fun, friendly and easy to take care of. Kristina Guerrero and Reptile Mogul’s Jared Ohsman are looking at three reptiles you’ll want to take home.

1.  Bearded Dragon

They're awesome, interactive, and you don't have to worry about them harming you or your family. This fun reptile is perfect for all ages.

2.  Ball Python

They're one of the best pet snakes because of their mellow attitude. This royally amazing constrictor is non-venomous and is the smallest of all African pythons, making it perfect for any home.

3.  Tortoise

These make for great pets and you probably won’t ever have to worry about one running away. They do live a long time – up to 90 years plus – and can weigh hundreds of pounds. Make sure you have the proper space so they can grow into it.

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