The Best Pillow for You Based on Your Sleep Position

By: Todd Covelli | Teresa Strasser Posted: 9:30 AM, Jun 28, 2019 Updated: 9:42 AM, Jul 3, 2019

If you’re like the 70 million Americans not getting enough sleep, there may be a simple solution: getting the right pillow. Lauri Leadley, founder of Valley Sleep Centers, has the perfect pillow for your sleep type.


1. Side Sleepers


Let’s start with side sleepers – the most common type of sleepers. “For a side sleeper, you want to make sure that you’re supported, because your spine needs to be supported the whole way down,” Lauri explains. If you sleep on your side, Lauri recommends a thicker firm pillow to help keep your neck and spine aligned. “This pillow here is made by Wamsutta. You can get it for $15 at Bed Bath & Beyond,” she adds. Side sleepers should also add a pillow between the knees. “You can even put two of these together or get a body pillow and put between your knees, too. You want to make sure your hips and knees are in alignment,” Lauri insists.


2. Back Sleepers


We’ve got something lofty and firm for you back sleepers – the Xtreme Comfort bamboo pillow. “It’s high loft; it’s very pliable. When you push down on it, it bounces back. A pillow that supports the head and the neck is the best,” describes Lauri. We found the Xtreme Comfort bamboo pillow online for about $40.


3. Stomach Sleepers


The next sleep type is the stomach sleeper. Lauri says a thinner pillow is a must. “You want to use a pillow like this because you don’t want to over-extend your neck when sleeping on your stomach,” she warns. Lauri likes the EPABO Contour pillow because it also has a cutout for your neck. Bonus tip: pay close attention to the pillow’s filling material because your face is right against it. “If you’re breathing in all that stuff, you want to make sure it’s hypo-allergenic,” Lauri advises.


4. Combo Sleepers


The last pillow on our list is for combo sleepers. That means we may go to sleep one way and wake up another. Lauri recommends trying an adjustable fill pillow, like this one from Coop Home Goods. This way you can add or remove the filling till you get it just right!


Whether you’re a side, back, stomach or combo sleeper, you need to choose what you rest your head on carefully. And now you know how to pick the right pillow for you!