Pet Adoption 101: 3 Things to Know Before Picking Out the Perfect Pooch

By: Mike Dunn | Kristina Guerrero Posted: 11:13 AM, Jan 9, 2019 Updated: 11:15 AM, Jan 9, 2019
In the market for a new pup? A new law in California says pet stores can now only sell animals they got from shelters. And why not? Pounds are full of loving creatures! The List is chatted with Michael Morefield, Communications Director at the Arizona Animal Welfare League, for a list of things to do before picking out the perfect pooch.

1. Make a List of Expenses

Start out by making a list of expenses for everything you can think of that will affect your pup. “There are obvious costs that everybody thinks of when they own a dog and that’s a couple extra toys and food,” Michael explains. “And for a large breed dog, that can really add up.” You also might want to be prepared for when Fido mistakes your stuff for his chew toys.

2. The Best Dog for Your Lifestyle

Once you’ve estimated these costs, the next thing you’d like to do is decide the best dog for your lifestyle. “If you’re an active person, there’s probably a couple great breeds for you that fit that lifestyle,” he says. Or maybe you just like to watch TV and relax, so adopting a bigger, mellow breed like a Great Dane or Greyhound is a better fit. Michael says discuss your preferences and lifestyle with the staff at the shelter to get their advice.

3. Get to Know the Shelter

When you think you’re ready, adopting from a shelter has a lot of benefits. “There’s a real transparency about working with a rescue or a shelter,” he says. “You get to spend time with the animals, they can have a vet onsite and they have copies of all the records.” All this costs around $500 or less. Shelter dogs have also been spayed or neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. Dogs bought from breeders or online often haven’t. In the end, Michael says you have to remember that your life is their life. So don’t shop, adopt! This list is guaranteed to give you all you need to help you pick out the perfect pooch and help you plan accordingly.

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