Pet Food Confusion: 3 Tips to Save Some Cash

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By: Jimmy Rhoades Posted: 6:20 PM, Sep 25, 2017

Pet food can get pretty pricey. So how to save some cash on that kibble? Comparison shopping has never been easier, so telling you where to shop makes no sense. Instead, Jimmy Rhoades is tackling the confusion around pet food. Not with a veterinarian. Not with a pet behavioralist. Nope. With a numbers cruncher from Bankrate, Claes Bell. Here are three tips to save some cash on your furry friend's meals.

1.  Buy a Cheaper Brand

There's this organization called the American Association of Feed Control Officials. So you'll see what's called the AAFCO statement. It means that this feed does actually meet the nutritional requirements of a dog as their primary type of food. The AAFCO statement on the bag means your pet should be fine eating nothing, but this food.

2.  Beware of Buzzwords

"It's all natural," "this is all meat," "this is all white meat," like, all that stuff doesn't really have a standard definition, so producers can kind of monkey around with the definition on their own. "Organic" means something, but the FDA hasn't defined terms like "grain-free," or "holistic." And "gourmet"?!

3.  Ingredient Lists Aren't Gospel

There are ways that producers can kind of monkey around with this. They can include some filler, or, you know, maybe there's extra moisture in meat or whatever. A brand might boast using fresh meat, but most of that weight is water. A brand with dried meat could actually have more protein, even though meat is lower on the list of ingredients. If it makes you happy to buy super-premium dog food and you have the money, you know, why not?

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