Photographer Turns Bully Victims into Superheroes & the Results Are Breathtaking

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By: Dave Taylor | Bradley Hasemeyer Posted: 5:00 PM, Apr 12, 2018

The Avengers: Infinity War comes to theaters in almost two weeks! And while adult superheroes are certainly inspirational, they've got nothing on these superhero kids whose mission is to fight bullies. With one in four children getting bullied, according to recent data, it's wonderful to see something being done to help. So watch out, Avengers  you have some competition!

Topping our Viralist is a project created by the breathtaking talents of photographer Josh Rossi – who used his photo and editing skills to take 15 victims of severe bullying and gave them a superpowered confidence booster.

See the behind the scenes video that led to some incredible final images below!

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