Pizza Personality Test: What Your Pizza-Eating Style Says About You

By: Meredith Witthar | Kristina Guerrero Posted: 6:51 PM, Mar 12, 2018

Everything you do reveals parts of your personality – including the way you eat your pizza! We spoke with body language expert Lillian Glass, who explained what our pizza eating habits reveal about us. Here are 4 types of pizza-eaters you should know about!


1. The Folder

First on our list is The Folder! “When you fold your pizza in half it means that [you] take charge, and [are] about to take charge of this big slice of pizza,” says Lillian. "It's a very practical person, and it's a person that just does not want to get messy." This also means you want to get the pizza down ASAP, and you're not afraid to break the rules!


2. The Crust First

Do you eat the crust first? "I feel like this is pizza sacrilege,” admits Lillian, “but when you eat the crust first it means that you're all about the drama, and you will definitely get attention when you're eating it like this.” It could also mean you’re a greedy glutton! “It shows that you know you just want it all, and you want it immediately,” continues Lillian. “You don't have any time to waste. You're ready to go for it and have everything now – so you're kind of a ‘now’ person. " You’re also not afraid to be different. You stand out and set trends!


3. The Knife and Fork

What about if you eat with a knife and fork? “That means that you're steady and stable,” explains Lillian. “It shows that you're very formal, and that you don't want to get dirty, and that your table manners mean everything." Maybe you're even pairing a fine wine with every slice!


4. The Biter

And finally, here’s you should know about The Biter! "You don't care if you get dirty, you don't care if you get messy,” reveals Lillian. “You just want to savor the pizza and enjoy yourself.  And you don't care about anything else but having a good time and enjoying yourself.” You also won't be swayed by these crazy ways of digging into your pie! You know this is the perfect way to eat, and you'll do it right every time.


Next time you chow down, think about how you eat that slice. It may reveal more than you think!


Watch: Body Language Expert Reveals More Pizza-Eating Secrets!


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