Prom Season 2018: The 3 Most Amazing Viral Prom Pics of All Time

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Posted: 11:15 PM, May 8, 2018

Prom season is here – which means beautiful dresses, elaborate "promposals", and tons of viral photos. High school proms break the internet every year, thanks to the creativity of teens around the country. The honor these genius youngsters, we decided to roundup of three of the best viral looks from proms past.

1. The Teen Who Took a Cutout of Michael B. Jordan to Prom 

Philadelphia high school senior Audeva Agyeman won the internet with her epic prom pictures. After not leaving herself enough time to score a prom date, she decided to get creative by crafting a life-sized cutout of Black Panther star Michael B. Jordan instead. She made it herself, a process that took her three whole hours. Now that's what you call resourcefulness! 

2. Jimmy Fallon's Super Awkward Throwback Prom Picture 

The Tonight Show host came up with a fun plan last year to ask his viewers to share some #PromFail photos with the show on Twitter. The plan backfired when Jimmy shared his own throwback picture to kick off the segment. The photo then went viral, and it reminded us that, yes, we all go through the same struggle — those awkward teenage years. 

3. The Superhero-Themed Prom Picture That Was #SquadGoals

Who could forget this group prom picture that totally epitomized #SquadGoals. In 2016, a group of Arkansas teens went viral after posting this picture on Instagram, in which they coordinated their outfits to their favorite superheroes. The photo was posted by BN Focus Productions on Facebook and  quickly went viral.

From the perfect-themed prom pictures to those that remind us that we all go through an awkward teenage stage. But regardless of that, there is an equal chance that those pictures could make you a viral star overnight. 

Did YOU have an awkward prom experience? Sound off on those comments down below!

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