Pump Tracks Trend: Get fit on your bike!

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By: Meredith Witthar Posted: 9:47 PM, Apr 6, 2017

More people are now participating in wheel-oriented sports such as cycling, mountain biking and BMX riding than that of your traditional sports such as baseball, basketball and football. Over the past couple of years pump tracks are popping up all over the nation and even the world. Dave Patania has three facts about this fun and healthy bike trend.

1.  What Is a Pump Track?

It’s a short bicycle course that people try to navigate turns, jumps, rollers and obstacles without pedaling. It's all about using what's called the pump motion, hence the name pump tracks.

2.  Unique Technique

The whole trick to riding a pump track is all about body control you're going be pushing and pulling with your upper body and using your entire lower body. It's like doing squats over and over again and that's how you generate speed around the course without the use of the pedals.

3.  Bring On the Benefits

The workout that you get from riding pump tracks is amazing. It's one of those rare activities that trains your strength, cardiovascular and coordination systems all at once. After a few laps around the track your legs are burning and upper body is burning, but you don't care because you're having so much darn fun.

You want to use more of a mountain bike or a BMX style bicycle whereas road bicycles don't work as well on these types of tracks.

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