Quick Cash: 3 Unique Ways to Make Money

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By: Donna Ruko | Cassarah Coffey Posted: 3:42 PM, Jun 6, 2016

Money; we never have enough, and the 9-5 doesn't always cut it. Did you know there are actually a lot of surprising ways to make money, that don't involve a "regular job?" From your selfies, to hair, and even your renting out your friendship, Donna Ruko has three unusual ways to make some quick cash.

1.  Take Selfies

Pay Your Selfie is a cool app that pays you for your selfies. Crazy, right? It's a scavenger hunt game that makes putting extra cash for your wallet, fun. Snapping a pic of yourself doing the requested selfie tasks, gets you between 20 cents and $1. When your piggybank hits $20, you can cash out. Don’t quit your day job because this isn’t a get rich quick app, just an entertaining way to get some pocket change.

2.  Sell Your Hair

If you're short on time, but long on locks, then why not cash in on your hair! People are combing websites like Buy and Sell Your Hair and HairSellon, looking to make some extra money with their hair. Some of these sites even have a hair price calculator. Your locks could get you anywhere from $100, up to $1,000.

3.  Rent a Friend

Friendship comes with a price tag. On the website RentaFriend, your friendship can rent anywhere between $10, to $50 dollars an hour. It's strictly for platonic fun, of course! You could actually get paid to go to dinner or to play a game of pool. Now that’s crazy, crazy awesome!

Take a selfie, share your hair, or rent out your friendship! Fun ways to make that extra cash, without a boring 9-5 job!

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