QuikTrip + More Convenience Stores Killing the Fast Food Game

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By: Todd Covelli Posted: 6:48 PM, Apr 16, 2018

Convenience foods have a bad rep of not being the tastiest thing out there – but that perception's about to change! We're always so busy and on-the-go, and we're bound to get hungry. What if you could stop at a gas station, fill up your tank, and fill your belly at the same time? Well, you can! Here are three of the best convenience stores upping their food game. 

1. QuikTrip 

This corner store doesn't cut any corners when it comes to their food. At QuikTrip, you order via a touchscreen while it's made fresh to order, and they're not afraid to break the rules. Like their breakfast pizza, topped with – you guessed it – eggs, bacon and cheese. Breakfast pizza? Um, yes please. Only in America, folks. 

2. Circle K 

We all know Circle K is famous for their Tornados, which you can think of as highly-addictive taquitos. But what really stands out is their massive soda, tea and drink choices. If you're really, REALLY thirsty, you can get a Polar Pop Super Tanker – which is 64 ounces of Mountain Dew. They even make one that holds 100 ounces. How could you go wrong with that?!

3. 7-Eleven 

Guess who has the trendiest bar in town now? That's right, 7-Eleven! The tater tot bar is the latest addition to their franchise. For just a $1, you can snag ten of Idaho-made tots, loaded up with everything from chili to cheese.  

Who would've thought that convenience store foods would be so appetizing and look so good. It might make us stop by more often, even if the gas tank is full! 

Have YOU tried any of these convenience store foods? Which one's your favorite?  Tell us in those comments below!

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