Recipes: How to Make Eggs in a Basket with Perfect Yolks

By: Kristina Guerrero | Dave Hanson Posted: 6:32 PM, Feb 9, 2018


Eggs in the hole, eggs in a nest, eggs in bread, eggs in a basket. Whatever you call it, this breakfast dish is delish and topping our Viralist at number one!


Binging with Babish has more than 2 million YouTube subscribers – and now the channel’s creator Andrew Rea is sharing one of his tastiest creations yet: eggs in a nest! What’s his secret twist on this breakfast staple? Using fresh, home-baked bread instead of store-bought bread, duh!


See exactly how the New York chef made this scrumptious morning treat – with perfectly runny yolks! – by watching the full tutorial above. We guarantee you’ll want to cook this up this weekend!


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