Relax with these 3 marvelous massagers

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By: Kristina Guerrero | Orlando Morales Posted: 9:55 PM, Jun 7, 2017

We could all use a little relief from our aches and pains and luckily there are massage gadgets that'll soothe those knots and tension. Kristina Guerrero three marvelous massagers that will help you relax and for cheap.

1. AiraWear

This is piece of clothing designed to give your neck, shoulders and back a squeeze. Basically a battery inside the jacket inflates six pressure point and compression modules which give you a massage. It also has an app to target specific areas and select various intensities, plus one more feature that is straight-up genius. The jacket doesn't just track posture. It automatically massages the lower back whenever you adopt a poor position. It's available to preorder for around $160 and should start shipping this month.

2. Vi-Band

This is an endless hands-free head massager designed to fit in a head band. It's a rechargeable band that vibrates. This one's out now for around $30.

3. Back Nodger

This massaging multitasker is like a back scratcher and massage wand wrapped into one. With the small targeting head you can apply precise pressure to the center of a knot, especially in those areas that are hard to reach. You just put the massage tip wherever on your neck and back you're feeling a little tense and the nodger should nudge it away. Pick one up now for around $30.

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