Restaurant Trends 2018: 3 Pop Culture-Themed Bars Across America

Across America
By: Meredith Whittar | Kristina Guerrero Posted: 3:55 PM, Aug 3, 2018

Restaurants – there’s a new trend that’s making the way we eat out super fun. It’s all about having a theme now, and some of the best themes are based on pop culture. The List has scoured the country to bring you the best ones across America.

1. Saved by the Max – Hollywood, California 

Saved by the Max is a pop-up restaurant that started in Chicago, and is now on the West Coast until September of 2019. You’ll need a reservation to try out things, like the Bayside Burger or their iconic Mac and Screech.

2. Hatter and Hare – Phoenix, Arizona

Next, we’re heading to Phoenix, Arizona for Hatter and Hare. We went down the rabbit hole to learn about the bar from General Manager, Kerry Coughlin. “This is our version of Alice in Wonderland,” he explains. “It takes everything from Johny Depp and the cartoon to the classics, and we try to give everybody a little piece of some of the fun world that it is.”

3. The Overloook Lodge – Cincinnati, Ohio

And finally, we’ll head to Cincinnati, Ohio for The Overlook Lodge. This bar is themed from The Shining, and you can try cocktails with awesome names like Writer’s Block or Jack’s Grin.


So, there you have it. Next time you’re choosing a place to eat out and have a great time, look no further than these pop culture-themed restaurants, and immerse yourself in one of your favorite movies and shows. 







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