Rich Animals: The World’s 3 Wealthiest Pets & Their Luxurious Lifestyles

spoiled dog - english bulldog dressed up like a king - 4 year old male

When you think of pets, you usually think cute. But in some cases, you can also think very, very wealthy. The List is looking at’s “Pet Rich List” and bringing you the top three rich animals living luxurious lifestyles.

1. Olivia Benson  

Let’s start our list of rich animals with Olivia BensonThe Scottish fold cat who’s worth $97 million made her money by doing commercials for the likes of Diet Coke, Keds Shoes and AT&T, where she appears alongside her momma, Taylor Swift.

2. Grumpy Cat

Next up is the super famous viral sensation Grumpy Cat. Also known as Tardar Sauce, this kitty is sitting pretty with a net wealth of around $100 million – mostly from selling merchandise, media appearances, and endorsements from brands like Friskies. For a little context, Grumpy Cat has a net worth that rivals that of Pro UFC Fighter Connor McGregor. Definitely one of the cutest rich animals! 

3. Rich Animals: Gunther the Fourth  

Last on our roundup of rich animals is Gunther the Fourth. This plush pooch inherited his wealth, about $375 million, and lives in the lap of luxury. Talk about being dog gone lucky! Gunther travels in stretch limousines to world-class hotels like the Castadiva Resort and Spa. There, he enjoys non-alcoholic cocktails and finely-prepared gourmet meals. That’s one fancy fido. 


As you can see, some of these famous furry friends are striking it rich and live better lives than we do! If you’re looking for a list of rich animals and wealthy pets, now you know all about the top three.


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