Royal Wedding: What to Expect Based on Meghan & Harry’s Zodiac Signs

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By: Jessica Robertson Posted: 9:31 PM, May 18, 2018 Updated: 3:44 PM, Jun 25, 2018

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding will have pomp, circumstance, celebrity guests, and a whopping $42 million price tag. But, is it in the stars? Astrologist and royal author Penny Thornton has a few wedding predictions on whether or not the nuptials will last.  

1. Are They Star-Crossed Lovers?  

Meghan's a Leo, and Prince Harry's a Virgo, so they're not an exact zodiac match. "They're very different individuals," says Penny. "Meghan being a very fiery person, she loves going out to the people. Harry is totally different. And he's rather a quiet, reserved individual." It's that difference that fuels their attraction! "But keeping it on that road is going to be hard work," warns Penny. Many marriages take effort, so we're not worried about these two! 

2. The Food 

Next up is the food! "I think if we take the Leo part, which is Meghan, I would probably do something fishy," reveals Penny. "So scallops would be nice. Maybe a filet of seabass. Or maybe a citrus sauce to go with that. Citrus fruits come under the sign of Leo." 

And what about for Virgo Prince Harry? Penny says he'd go for something straight down the middle and traditional: "We'll do a nice piece of lamb. And with beautiful spring vegetables." Yum! 

3. The Cake 

And the cake? They've chosen lemon and elderflower by Violet Cakes in London for the big day. "The citrus fruits with Leo, that's the lemon. Elderflower, that's ruled by Virgo. So they have the perfect astrological melding," shares Penny. Get Penny's lemon-elderflower cake here to get a taste of royalty at home! 

4. The Dress 

Finally, how will Leo rule Meghan's dresses? "She's going to wear one for the church, and one for a little later in the day," offers Penny. We can expect Meghan to go "wow" for the evening. "Leo, is quite flamboyant and dramatic," adds Penny. And for the ceremony? "I'm suspecting something very classic, very lacy, and covering the arms. It's going to be classic." We can't wait to see her! 

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