Runway to Real Life: 3 crazy new fashion trends

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By: Lindsey Granger Posted: 8:33 PM, May 3, 2017

From Lady Gaga's famous meat dress, to a Giants player wearing a belly shirt, the stuff people wear on their bodies can make us scratch our heads. Tiffany Reid, fashion editor of Cosmopolitan magazine and star of E!'s So Cosmo is showing Lindsey Granger how to take three bizarre styles from the runway and wear them in real life, and not look like a fool.

1.  Mismatched Shoes

We've seen celebrities do it like Naomi Harris on the red carpet and Katy Perry has been doing it for years, so it seems like a difficult trend to pull off, but actually you can do it pretty seamlessly.

2.  Robes

The Supreme Court isn't the only place robes get judged. Men should opt for a plaid pattern or a much thinner material. Think robe inspired, not the actual robes you're wearing in your house.

3.  Pajamas

Try wearing a pajama shirt paired with a pair of jeans and cool sneakers. That is a hot look!

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