Saddle Up: 3 Strange & Fun Gift Ideas for Horse Lovers

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By: Brian Corsetti | Orlando Morales Posted: 6:37 PM, Jan 11, 2017

Recently we've seen a few equestrian themed products popping up and they range from odd, funny and pretty cool. Brian Corsetti has three awesome, and a little strange, gift ideas for the horse lover in your life.

1.  Pony Up Daddy

This ridiculous, yet hilarious product is a saddle for little humans to ride mom and dad. The Velcro straps secure to your body and a handle lets your kid hold on to that bucking bronco. Pick one up for around $25.

2.  Trotify

This is a bike attachment that gives you the satisfying sound of horse hooves clopping on a street. The hot to trot item shipped all their units back in 2013,  but they say plans are to relaunch sometime this year. Sign up on their waiting list for more information.

3.  Equisense Motion

This one is for equestrians only because it attaches to a saddle and gives riders info like speed, number of jumps and the route you and your horse took. It's available to pre-order around $312.

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