Saturn’s in Retrograde – Here’s How Your Zodiac Sign Can Survive

By: Jacqui Denker | Jim Ventura Posted: 9:17 AM, Jun 13, 2019 Updated: 11:27 AM, Jun 17, 2019

You may have heard of the term “Mercury retrograde” – the phenomenon where the planet appears to be moving backwards and things seem to get a bit screwy down here on earth. But this time we’re talking Saturn which is currently in retrograde in Capricorn until mid-September. To help you prepare, astrologer Jim Ventura breaks down how this retrograde may affect each sign.


Saturn Retrograde in Capricorn


A lot of people have heard about the influences of Mercury retrograde, but all planets in our solar system at some point move retrograde (meaning they appear to be moving backwards from Earth in its orbit). Saturn is retrograde in the sign of Capricorn from April 18th through Mid-September of 2019. Retrogrades tend to bring something from our past back into focus for revaluation again. They can be challenging and often a little uncomfortable.


Saturn in astrology represents the part of our experience that deals with limitations, restriction, uncomfortable tests, fear, a need for caution, yet will lead to the benefits of experience and wisdom. Saturn is the seeming “lump of coal” or part of us that we usually struggle with when we are younger but leads inevitably to a stronger constitution and the coal can become a diamond!


Saturn is “at home” in Capricorn. It moves through each sign for about 2 and a half years. Everyone will experience a sense of re-looking at what fulfills us in our work and our career when Saturn is retrograde in Capricorn. We are likely to revaluate how much responsibility we take on, and whether taking that responsibility is worth it! We can get more cautious when Saturn moves through Capricorn in a negative way and feel inhibited. We can also become more circumspect in a positive way when we learn how to mull over things before making decisions and seeing why moving deliberately has value. Each Sun sign will have unique tests during the retrograde movement of Saturn in Capricorn.


1. Cancer


The opposition can make Cancers really begin to reevaluate how they care, nourish and serve others. This can be a time when Cancer begins to review whether their caring is also at least somewhat reciprocal. Being the thoughtful one to handle the details of our co-workers, family or friends birthdays, anniversaries, and special events can be unappreciated and considering how much energy Cancer usually put into their natural caretaker dispositions is under review. Cancer is learning the value of discernment.


2. Leo


Leos may actually find that they can achieve something creatively that they have been passionate about at this time. This transit requires some patience and adjustments though. A forward move in one’s status in work, relationships, life, or any area will require some hard work and more responsibility. What is exciting to think about or talk about often carries a price. Saturn in Capricorn asks Leo to combine confidence with hard work. Leo is learning the right balance between work and play. The test (not an easy one) is to find a way to shine while being humble at the same time.


3. Virgo


This trine between Capricorn and Virgo will require some tests but more likely will feel like opportunity. The potential for advancement is high at this time. Virgo will likely feel like all of their study and hard work is beginning to pay off. Still, there can be some worry about whether you do know enough yet to handle it all. Patience and perseverance will pay off at this time. A good thing to remember for every practical Virgo is that we can often be a little afraid and still do it anyway. Virgo is learning tolerance of themselves and others.


4. Libra


This angle between retrograde Saturn and Libra can feel uncomfortable. Work and relationships will require some readjustments. Libra’s ability to cooperate and to see all sides of situations is beneficial, but any opportunities to “step up in life” at this time can bring even more responsibility. Things can feel a little heavier now, yet the price for the extra work can inevitably reap rewards. Libra is learning how to be more decisive and not “second guess” themselves.


5. Scorpio


This angle can create opportunities for Scorpio. The combination of hard work, and Scorpio’s innate ability to influence people and situations can open some doors right now. The key is to act on both instinct and logic at this time. While tests and patience may still be required, this Saturn retrograde can actually be a beneficial time. Scorpio’s test is to persevere and to open to a better future but to first let go of the past.


6. Sagittarius


This angle is a bit uncomfortable. Sagittarius is likely to feel limited or frustrated at this time. The urge to push forward in work, financial matters will require some extra work and Sagittarius may not feel appreciated. If Sagittarius can see the process as “seed planting” for a future harvest, this can help smooth out the path a little. Sagittarius’s test is to learn the value of restraint.


7. Capricorn


This retrograde can actually be beneficial. While some delays and fear may surface along the way, the hard work and increased responsibility Capricorn has already taken on (or will take on) in the near future can prove to be both productive and prosperous. They may even feel like they are “coming home.” You are older and wiser now, so release some of your fear and take a few risks. Capricorns test right now is to become more comfortable with self-expression.


8. Aquarius


This Capricorn retrograde may feel uncomfortable. Increased responsibility at this time is likely. Aquarius can benefit from this but may need to look at whether the group or people you are working with are all on the same page. If not, there may be some extra work required to motivate others right now and to get them to see your vision. Aquarius’s test at this time is to put in more hard work while inspiring others with their vision.


9. Pisces


This can actually be a time of opportunity. If Pisces is able to hold a clear sense of their ideals and what they believe to be right, they can turn some of their dreams into reality at this time. The extra work required may be draining but can also be exciting as pieces both practically and spiritually begin to come together. Pisces’ test right now is to learn how to persevere.


10. Aries


This angle is not an easy one. Work situations may feel constraining to Aries at this time. The idea will be to renew their sense of drive and reevaluate whether what they are currently doing is still something they enjoy. Restrictions from people and situations can feel uncomfortable. Aries will long to break free. Impulses must be tempered by thought for correct timing. Is it time to start a new project or is there still work to do on the current one? Aries’ test is to be patient and not take the current limitations personally.


11. Taurus


This angle can be an opportunity. Advancement in work, or other areas of interest are likely at this time. There is real potential for rewards and acquisition for hard work. While success and accomplishment are likely in the near further, be careful not to “spend money” or celebrate what isn’t quite tangibly there yet. Taurus’s test is to learn the value of a frugal and steady approach and to not become too indulgent.


12. Gemini


This angle is a bit of a test. Gemini tends to enjoy learning for its own sake, so areas of past study may actually prove beneficial as they move to the foreground again. Gemini may even feel drawn to new work opportunities and to consider moving up in life. This will require reining in the Gemini tendency to overthink things. Opportunities for advancement in work and practical matters are likely but require some hard work. Gemini’s test is to learn how to not be scattered and stay on track.


Saturn’s retrograde will present some unique challenges, but now you know how to navigate all the planetary pandemonium.