Say What??? 3 elements companies are cashing in on

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By: Donna Ruko Posted: 8:50 PM, Apr 13, 2017

It's not unusual to pay top dollar for what Mother Nature gives us – such as flowers or moon dust, but what about drinking water, or even air? Companies bottle it up and capitalize on it. Donna Ruko has more on the high cost of natural elements.

1.  Air

The smog-plagued residents of China can breathe easy thanks to Leo De Watts founder of AETHAER. Get this, for the airy price of $100 you can have harvested air from the English countryside delivered to right to the doorstep, in a jar.

2.  Water

Whether it’s straight from the tap, distilled, triple filtered or bottled, we need water to survive. Some are willing to pay top dollar for its purity. Svalbarði luxury water is about $65, the price of a good bottle of wine! But who needs grapes when you can sip on what's estimated to be 4,000 year old ice from the North Pole bottled by hand. The team goes out on an expedition just twice a year to bring back top shelf, limited edition H20.

3.  Earth

So there's plenty of it in your backyard, but people are ready to pay for it, especially when it comes from Jordan. Many flock there to cover themselves from head to toe in magnesium and 35 other rich minerals that make up the Dead Sea mud. To save you a few bucks on air travel AHAVA has packaged it up so you can reap the benefits without leaving the house. For $17.50 you'll get 400 grams of natural Dead Sea body mud, which they say will improve skin texture and tone, and help arthritic pain and sore muscles… or you'll just be covered in mud.

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