Say What??? 3 strange things you can actually rent

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By: Teresa Strasser | Jessica Robertson Posted: 8:03 PM, May 25, 2017

When people think of renting they usually think of homes or cars, but there are a lot of other surprising things you can get by the hour or the day. From a celeb for a day, to goats that eat hay, Teresa Strasser has three fun and strange things you can tryout this summer that guarantee a great time.

1.  Rent The Paparazzi

Racquel McKenzie follows people around for a living and for a price she can give you the star treatment, too. Coming out of your car, coming out of that really cool restaurant, going into a concert, she’ll be there.

2.  Rent an Island

Airbnb and Rent My Island are two companies that offer island rentals.

3.  Rent a Goat

Companies like Rent A Goat can fill your yard for around $200 or just rent them for a little lawn manicuring.

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