Science of Color: 3 healing treatments

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By: Teresa Strasser | Todd Covelli Posted: 6:12 PM, Apr 5, 2017

If color therapy seems like one of those flaky new age wastes of time that's just here to suck the green right out of your wallet, thank again! There is solid new research backing it up. Teresa Strasser and The University of Arizona’s Dr. Mohab Ibrahim have three ways color and science are teaming up to heal.

1.  Color to Treat Pain

Research is showing that green LED light can ease chronic pain. All of us have molecules or chemicals in our own body that can control pain and enkephalins is one of them. What green light has shown is it significantly increases the levels of enkephalins. How can you harness the power of green? Enjoy life, go out to a park, and walk with a friend.

2.  Color to Treat Skin

Beauty company Neutrogena claims their LED therapy light mask is backed up by years of research with dermatologists. Its blue light penetrates just beneath the skins surface to kill acne causing bacteria — while its red light goes deeper to reduce inflammation. You can pick one up for around $35.

3.  Color to Calm

The pacifying power of pink, or specifically, a shade called Baker-Miller Pink, has been used by corrections officials use to mellow aggressive prisoners. They put them in a pink colored cell for 15 minutes and have said this completely pacified the prisoners.

Try The Baker Miller Pink Experiment by Vollebak and see if it calms you.

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