Secret Doors: 3 Tips to Protect Your Home with Hidden Rooms

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By: Teresa Strasser Posted: 8:50 PM, Mar 21, 2018

If you want to protect something valuable in your house, sometimes a standard safe just won't do the trick. Steve Humble, owner of Creative Home Engineering, says hiding a room or space is much smarter. Read on for three things you should know about putting a secret door in your home.


1. What’s Behind the Secret Doors

Wondering what’s hidden in these secret rooms? Most of the time the reason for the doors are kept, well, secret. But sometimes people do tell Steve what they're hiding. “Sometimes they do volunteer that it's for […] a place to go in case of a home invasion,” reveals Steve. Other times it’s for more colorful purposes. “I know of at least a couple of them that were like […] 50 Shades of Grey dungeons.” Hmm, say no more!


2. Secret Doors are Complicated

Most people think of a door as something simple – but secret doors are much more complicated. "Even though you might see only wood, it's 5% carpentry,” explains Steve. “It's 95% engineering, structural steel – there's electrical stuff going on. Secret cavities and compartments." Wow! You can also get really creative with a secret switch to open the door! “Everything from pulling a book on a shelf to scanning your fingerprint; twisting a candlestick; [or] playing the right sequence of notes on a piano.” Mind blown!


3. Hide the Door

The most important decision, though, is how to hide the door. What are some of the top decoys? “Book cases are super popular,” says Steve. “Dressers, grandfather clocks, full length mirrors, wall paneling, architectural paneling, refrigerators, rotating fireplaces…Anything you can think that's not a door, we can make it look like a door."

The space that leads to the hidden room will determine the best look for the secret door. “We have to establish what the camouflage is going to be that's gonna look natural in that space,” reveals Steve. “And then I ask [clients] to send me some photographs of the space. Maybe some measurements, and then we get them a cost proposal based on that." Doors start at around $7,500 – but there's a low budget floor length mirror option that starts at $1500.


Those are three ways to keep your secrets close to home – while protecting it, too!


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