See 3 things you can’t live without get melted!

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By: Dave Taylor | Frenchie Aguilh Posted: 5:51 PM, Apr 6, 2017

We know that we can get silly here on The List, but sometimes, we like to engage in the finer things. We aren't always watching videos of cats stealing pizza or hilarious pranks. Sometimes we like to watch videos that make us feel fancy, like this video by filmmaker and photographer Erwin Trummer that features very fancy classical music…as the soundtrack to candy melting. What? It's art!

See? Don't you feel much more refined now that you know what gummy bears look like when they melt to the sounds of The Four Seasons by Vivaldi? There's the science of the melting and the art of the music…we could lecture about the commentary on beauty for hours. While we get to work on that, check out three more ravishing videos of what some things you can't live without look like after being melted. They'll blow your mind, figuratively of course, old chap.

1. How to Open A Lock Without A Key

Don't you hate when you forget your house key at work or lock yourself out of your storage closet? You don't need a silly key! All you need is a torch that can produce heat over 1700 degrees Fahrenheit and it's goodbye locked door…hello, hardware store.

2. Molten Aluminum Meets iPhone

If scratching the glass on your phone makes you cringe and cry, you're not going to be able to watch this video where molten aluminum gets poured over an iPhone 6. We're not sure that's covered in the warranty…

3. Hot Knife vs. Styrofoam

It might not sound like an intense battle, but it's pretty interesting to see what happens when Styrofoam starts to melt: it shrivels; it wiggles…it really hangs in there and it is pretty entertaining.

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