Self-Care Tips Based on Your Zodiac Sign

By: Ally Flahive | Kristina Guerrero Posted: 2:08 PM, Mar 23, 2021

We spoke with Adama Sesay, an astrologer and founder of, to learn some self-care tips for each sign of the zodiac.



Aries is a fire sign and also ruled by the planet of action, Mars, so that means Aries is a natural leader! Aries has a lot of fire and energy for going after what they are passionate about. Aries could have felt especially limited and pent up during quarantine as a result of their natural active nature, leading to feel deflated. The best self-care for them is getting exercise regularly outside, playing sports with friends, or even a trivia game with friends at home to help keep the competition alive.


Luxury and comfort are the first things that come to mind with Taurus energy. This is an earth sign ruled by the planet of beauty, Venus. They would enjoy indulging in their favorite face mask, cup of hot tea, and curling up with a romantic comedy. Indulgence is the name of their game!



In Astrology, the planet of communication, Mercury, rules the air sign of Gemini. Yes, you guessed it: Gemini needs constant stimulation or else they will become bored. To keep them entertained, apps like Clubhouse or even checking out the latest Podcasts can help them feed your thirst for knowledge. They can also try taking time out to involve themselves in a discussion online, or listen to their favorite conversation to wind down before bed. These activities might settle their mind and burn off the intense mental energy of the day.



Cancer is ruled by the emotional moon which also is known as the “mother” energy of the cosmos. Cancer needs comfortable surroundings, as they are an empathetic water sign. Taking time alone after a long day at work and interacting with others to rest and restore is the ultimate form of self-care for Cancer. Spending time with family (related or chosen) can also help nourish their spirit and soothe their soul. Perhaps they can bake their mother’s favorite cookie recipe together too.



Leo is the most self-expressive sign of the zodiac and ruled by the bright sun. Being the center of attention and having a creative outlet is extremely important to them. Since entertainment has been shut down, Leo might have been left feeling uninspired. Some great self-care to pick themselves back up is constant inspiration. Leo should take time out for their favorite creative pass time like music, drawing, writing or even playing with their children if they have them.



The planet of communication, Mercury, rules the most analytical sign of the zodiac, Virgo. Taking time for spring cleaning is the perfect self-care for this sign! Nothing clears their mind and settles stress like reorganizing, redecorating and taking care of their space. Virgo may even love to enjoy a diet switch to help them feel healthy and take care of their well-being too for the new season.



Ruled by the planet of beauty, Venus, Libra is all about this too. They prefer peace, harmony, and an aesthetically pleasing activity to bring them back to zen. Retail therapy can be perfect for Libra, and sprucing up their wardrobe a bit can make them feel great inside and out. They should add some bright accessories and a bold lip to help brighten their mood.



Ruled by Mars and Pluto, Scorpio is the most intense sign of the zodiac. Practices like meditation, breathwork, and scripting are all profound for their well-being. They should take alone time in order to turn their attention inward and settle their spirit. This allows Scorpio to recharge and feel ready to take on the world.



Ruled by the expansive and worldly planet Jupiter, Sagittarius loves to learn and grow through travel. Since this has been extremely limited, they might be feeling down about this. While the world continues to open up, Sagittarius should consider booking a vacation in a close or local spot to help recharge and refresh their mind.



Capricorn is ruled by the disciplined planet of Saturn, so they take this approach with your work too! Capricorn may have used much of this time at home to further their professional and career goals, so the best self-care for them would be to take time off. They would enjoy planning a day in nature, or even to just indulging in a restorative nap. They deserve it!



Aquarius is a Saturn-ruled sign, but they’re also ruled by the planet Uranus. Aquarius is all about innovation and learning new things. Indulging in the latest technological gadget in order to connect with their network is fulfilling for them. They also love to be unique, and checking out a modern museum can fulfill their quest for knowledge.



The emotions of Pisces run deep as they are ruled by both Jupiter and dreamy Neptune. Pisces love to go with the flow, but they also require a creative and spiritual outlet. With a deep connection to water, taking a relaxing and purifying sea salt bath is fantastic for them. Even better, take off a day and head to the beach!

And now you know some self-care tips perfect for your zodiac sign.