September 2018 Holidays: Here’s a List of the Weirdest September Holidays

By: Orlando Morales | Teresa Strasser Posted: 3:23 PM, Sep 5, 2018

Looking for a list of September 2018 holidays? Then keep reading! Labor Day comes so early in September, it can leave you feeling holiday-starved. But fret not, because The List rounded up the most obscure holidays worth celebrating.


1. National Cheese Pizza Day


First on our list of September 2018 holidays is National Cheese Pizza Day. The 5th is the day you’re supposed to enjoy a cheese pizza. Thin crust or deep dish – it doesn’t matter, just as long as it has no toppings. Sorry, pepperoni lovers! So go ahead and treat your family to a pizza party. Or if you’re solo, enjoy a slice alone. And while you’re chowing down, make sure to read our article about what your pizza-eating style says about your personality!


2. National Hobbit Day


The second of strange September 2018 holidays is National Hobbit Day. On the 22nd we celebrate the birthday of Frodo and Bilbo Baggins – those two adventurous hobbits from the Lord of the Rings. But don’t let their small stature trick you – they can throw a big party. And as we saw in the Fellowship of the Ring, fireworks are a must. We wonder if explosions in the sky make dogs on the Shire go crazy like they do on the 4th of July!


3. National Crush a Can Day – One of the Weirdest September 2018 Holidays


Third on our list September 2018 holidays is National Crush a Can Day. On the 27th, you’re encouraged to crush a can as flat as you can. It doesn’t matter if you use one or two hands to crush it, unless you’re Homer Simpson. Then you don’t need either! If you happen to be crushing a beer can, don’t forget to read our article about what your favorite beer says about your personality.



If you’re looking to learn about unusual September 2018 holidays, now you know a few you can celebrate!