September Horoscope 2018: Everything Your Zodiac Sign Can Expect This Month

By: Victor Padilla | Posted: 4:43 PM, Aug 30, 2018 Updated: 5:31 PM, Aug 30, 2018

Looking for your September horoscope? We thought so! Elite Daily looked to the stars to predict what’s in store for you this month – and we thought we’d share some of the highlights! Read on to learn what your zodiac sign can expect this month.

1. Aries

If you’ve been itching to scratch a few items of your to-do list, now is the time to do it! Your September horoscope predicts you’ll be blessed with productivity, and the ability to achieve things you’ve been holding off on. Stay focused on the tasks at hand – even when you get confronted by past trauma. This month will be full of healing and facing things you’ve been avoiding.

2. Taurus

Have you lost your inspiration, Taurus? Don’t worry, because your September horoscope promises a restoration of your creative streak. You’ll find yourself tapping into your artistic side – in addition to being presented with new opportunities! Just ensure to channel this surge in energy responsibly. You might find yourself channeling your inner rebel, acting impulsively, and challenging authority.

3. Gemini

This month, you’ll find yourself wanting to retreat from world around you – and that’s okay! You might end up wanting to leave the outside world, and instead focus on your inside world. Have you been questioning friends around you? Your September horoscope suggests this might be the time to consider finding new friends and new social circle. Your September horoscope urges you to be selective with whom you give your time!

4. Cancer

This month is all about communicating and expressing yourself. If you’ve been procrastinating when it comes to opening up, September is the month to get a few things off your chest. Another area you’ll need to contemplate? The direction of your life and where you’re headed. Have you been working hard enough to achieve your goals? Your September horoscope urges you to confront those questions.

5. Leo

Have you been meaning to work on your income, Leo? September is the month focus on devising new streams of revenue to create a lifestyle of comfort and luxury around you. Your September horoscope also asks you to venture beyond your safety bubble, and open yourself to new lessons and experiences.

6. Virgo

Virgos are known for being critical, and September is the month for Virgo to be their worst self-critic – but for their own good! Are you doing everything to ensure you’re the best and brightest you can be, Virgo? This month you’ll be forced to come to terms with habits or people around you who aren’t doing you any favors anymore. Your September horoscope urges you to relinquish any self-imposed roadblocks that are preventing you from developing new way of life.

7. Libra

Wondering what your September horoscope has in store for you, Libra? This will be a transitional month for your relationships and partnerships. You can expect two things to happen: you’ll either become even more tight knit with someone around you – or become more and more at odds with them.  The choice is yours!

8. Scorpio

Have you been a bit of a hermit lately, Scorpio?  Your September horoscope says now is perfect time to reinvigorate your social life. However, you’ll also find yourself needing to resolve some unfinished business. Use your heightened ability to connect with others to face your fears and iron out a few lingering kinks.

9. Sagittarius

Have you been contemplating growing your career, or pursuing a new one? September is the perfect time to assess whether you’re truly happy at work, and whether it’s time to make a move. Whatever you end up deciding to do, your September horoscope begs one thing of you: be honest with yourself.

10. Capricorn’s September Horoscope

This month you’ll experience sharpened self-awareness. And thank goodness, because you’ll need it when family issues start to rise. Breathe deeply and practice some patience when it comes to resolving any unresolved quarrels or disagreements.

11. Aquarius

Have you been stuck in a rut, yet unable to put your finger on why and what’s going on? Your September horoscope reveals you’ve had a lot on your mind lately. You might not have been able to articulate what’s been eating you, but this month you’ll be able to express and address your blocks.

12. Pisces

Based on your September horoscope, you can expect a mixed bag or dynamics, dear Pisces. You’ll need to pay special attention to your partnerships this month. You’ll need to determine who is worth giving your time and heart to. You’ll also have to conquer your fears, as demons from your past might come back to haunt you.

If you’ve been looking for your September horoscope, now you know what to expect this month.

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