Sesame Street Parody: The 3 Best Sesame Spoofs to Make You Laugh

sesame street parody

We love Sesame Street, and they love some of our favorite shows – so much that they made viral parodies of them. Get ready to laugh out loud, because we have a Sesame Street parody for just about every TV genre fan out there on our Buzzlist.


1. Fresh Bert & Ernie Sesame Street Parody

This first Sesame Street parody on our list? A classic sitcom intro getting a fresh look with a Bert and Ernie remix. The Fresh Prince intro is unmistakable. And while Will Smith was moving to Bel Air, it seems Bert was moving to 123 Stoop where his puppet bromance with Ernie began. But instead of spray painting walls a la Will Smith, Bert is cleaning them. Though it does seem he shares Will’s taste in hats!


2. Sharing Things Sesame Street Parody

Our second Sesame Street parody? There is nothing strange about this: Sharing Things! Things are being turned upside down as the Sesame Street gang takes on Netflix‘s Stranger Things. They even have their own Barb, though their monster isn’t as scary. Don’t worry – it’s just the Cookie Monster! Grover and Ernie are also along for the fun. And, of course, you couldn’t have a parody without eleven…you know, the actual number.


3. The Real Grouches of Sesame Street

Finally, there’s The Real Grouches of Sesame Street. The characters from the friendly street take on Bravo’s Real Housewives with Oscar the Grouch and his stinky friends. Yes, his friends are actually smelly, but in a good way. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Atlanta, New York and all the other spinoffs – they could all learn a thing or two about playing nice from these grouches.


Which Sesame Street parody is your favorite?


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