Share This: 3 great chore apps to help your kids

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By: Lindsey Granger Posted: 2:40 PM, Mar 22, 2017

The AICPA Annual Report shows 61% of children in the U.S. receive allowance from their parents amounting to $780 bucks a year. If you want some clever ways to get your kids to work for their pay then your smartphone could be the key. Lindsey Grangerr has three mobile apps that can help motivate your kids to earn that chore money.

1.  ChoreMonster

This app will get your kids begging to do chores. Kids earn points by doing their chores to use towards real life rewards from their parents like an hour of video games or a chance to watch their favorite TV show. The free app keeps kids engaged by making fun sounds and offering animated monster rewards. Every chore that a child completes, they get a ticket to the monster carnival where they can earn 1 of 100 interactive monsters.

2.  Lickety Split

Instead of nagging your kids the apps musical timer turns daily tasks into a fun, beat-the-clock game. The app costs 99 cents and counts kids down as they do things like get dressed, clean their room and get ready for bed. Parents even have the option to make up a custom chore.

3.  iRewardChart

It's a chore chart where you can basically set up the weekly chores for your kids and when they complete the task you can even give them stars. This incentivizing tool costs $3.99. Once the kids accumulate their stars for the week they can take a reward from their balance. Parents can determine how many stars each reward is worth, like a new gaming console may be worth 600 stars, but a scoop of ice cream is only 10 stars.

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