Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary Shares Three Hacks to Accomplish Your “to do” List

By: Lindsey Granger Posted: 10:05 AM, Dec 3, 2018 Updated: 4:24 PM, Dec 4, 2018

Shark Tank star Kevin O’leary is a master of making money and managing his time. O’Leary, who goes by the nickname of Mr. Wonderful, has conquered the art of the dreaded “to do list”. Now he’s given us the 101 on how it’s done!


1. Pick Your Top Three


To start, pick your top three tasks and tackle them the moment you wake up. “When you go to bed at night, there’s generally three burning issues you have to deal with tomorrow morning,” says O’Leary. “It could be family-related, medical, business.  Whatever it is, you take those top three, you write them on a note, and stick it on the mirror. And here’s the deal: you get those done before you answer any calls, before you deal with any emails, before you do anything.” And watch as your efficiency skyrockets!


2. Work in 30-Minute Intervals


His next tip: work in 30-minute intervals. Don’t think you can do it? Mr. Wonderful offers an example proving you can: “I have a woman who is very efficient in allocating half hour slots throughout the day. I start at about 5:30 in the morning and I go pretty late at night, and I generally work about four or five days a week.” Then on the weekends, it’s all about uninterrupted family time. “I gather my family to some city around the world and then we get together and scatter and start all over again.” Work hard, play hard!


3. Write Things Down


And O’Leary’s final tip: write things down! The entrepreneur says taking notes helps you master communication, which is a key to being successful. And if you’re gonna write, have a good quality pen! “I try and match my pens with my cufflinks, my watches…I’m a bit of a fashionista,” he admits. “I get up in the morning and think, what pen am I going to take today?” Because a first impression is everything, duh!


If you’re looking to move like a mogul, now you’ve got three ways to take a bite out of your schedule.


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