Shopping: 3 Awesome Mobile Stores Across America

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By: Jessica Robertson | Kristina Guerrero Posted: 11:27 PM, Jan 22, 2018

Brick and mortar stores are disappearing left and right, so purveyors are taking to the streets and bringing the goods to you. Here are three stores on wheels that are trending across America.  


1. Lavora's Boutique in Cleveland, OH



Mercedes Bell owns the brick and mortar store Lavora’s Boutique, but she recently went mobile. Lavora’s Boutique carries clubwear, workout gear and more – and it sounds like she’s a hit among shoppers! “The usual reaction is, ‘Wow! I’ve never seen this before. This is really amazing.’” Mobile shopping doesn’t have the overheard costs of traditional brick and mortar stores, so going mobile doubles as a convenient advertising vessel. “The outside [of my mobile store] is pretty much a moving billboard,” Mercedes explains. “So I’ll drive it around the city so people can see who Lavora’s Boutique is.” She’s had it on the road for a little over a year, and has plans to expand on the horizon. “Hopefully, in the near future I’ll have multiple boutiques.” You go, girl!


2. PedalPub Twin Cities in St. Paul, Minnesota



PedalPub is exactly what you think: it’s a sixteen-person pedal bar on wheels – powdered by you, but steered by a sober pedalpub driver, of course. It’s a tour of the city wheere you can BYOB, or even stop at local haunts if you’d like. Weather doesn’t seem to stop people from guzzling and pedaling, as patron flock to PedalPub rain or shine. PedalPub even hosts city-sponsored races. “You race down to one end, and then jump off your pub, and jump on to another pub and race back,” shares one loyal customer. Prices start at $39 per person. Gotta love a more scenic way to get drunk!


3. Fresh Express in Phoenix, Arizona



And our final mobile market – the Fresh Express grocery bus in Phoenix, Arizona! This store on wheels in part of a community effort to relieve so-called “food deserts” –  areas across the city where people don’t have access to fresh foods. The bus drives from schools to retirement homes to community centers. Fresh Express prides itself on offering healthy, cost-effective foods.


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