Shopping Tips: 5 of the Best Return Policies

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By: Jessica Robertson | Segun Oduolowu Posted: 9:15 AM, Jun 28, 2018 Updated: 12:57 PM, Jul 2, 2018

Sephora is known for its generous return policy. But some shoppers are taking advantage – and now beauty retailer is employing a new service called the “retail equation” that tracks shopper returns. Return too much and you could get banned from Sephora. But don’t let this put a damper on your shopping fun! We spoke with Kyle James from, who shared the best return policies out there.

1. Costco Wholesale


First up is Costco, which basically has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. But some members were abusing the privilege by buying big screen TVs for special events, and returning them afterward for a full refund. This caused Costco to change their return policy electronics down to 90 days. But there’s no restocking fee on electronics. And if you don’t have a receipt? No problem, as the purchase stays in their system via one’s membership.

2. Kohl’s


Next up is Kohl’s, where you can return items at any time for any reason. Kyle says there’s one catch, though: if you don’t have a receipt, you’ll have to settle for a store credit, or an even exchange. But if you really want cash, you can fill out a form to request your greenbacks from corporate, rather than from the individual store.

3. Nordstrom & Macy’s


Now what about other department stores? Next up are Nordstrom and Macy’s. Nordstrom has a lifetime return policy, and Macy’s give you 180 days. And if you don’t have your receipt, Kyle says they can usually look up your order. And for online purchase returns, in both department stores’ cases they’ll actually pay the return shipping fees. “Almost all online purchases you can take back into the store, and do your return that way,” adds our expert.

4. Target


Target has a 90-day window – but they’ll give you a year to return their own Target-branded products. And electronics have a 30day window.

5. Credit Cards


Next up are credit cards. “Keep in mind that the credit card in your wallet just might help you out,” insists Kyle. “It might just be as simple as calling up your company, and seeing if they have that.” The card you used to make the purchase could make you whole – as in many cases, the company will reimburse you.


But wait, there’s more! REI, Zappos, and L.L. Bean also offer super accommodating return policies. Make sure you read Kyle’s article called 8 of the Best Return Policies in the Known Universe for details.


Just don’t take advantage of these generous return policies. “Cause if you do, everybody’s going to get hurt and these policies are going to go away,” warns Kyle. Duly noted!