Shopping Tips: 5 Ways to Save Money at the Store

By: Jimmy Rhoades Posted: 11:07 PM, Jan 29, 2018

Save money when shopping for food or clothes with these tips! Every time you enter a store, you’re being manipulated. Merchandise design and display is all designed to make you buy more. Jimmy Rhoades spoke with marketing expert Ali Craig who shared five pointers to fight back against marketing manipulations.


1. Go Left



Our first pointer is simple enough. Simply start walking left! “Over ninety percent of us naturally go right when we enter a store,” Ali reveals. “So if you want to save yourself a little bit of money, go left.” In the words of Beyonce: to the left, to the left…


2. Find Your Own Path



Speaking of mapping your way, stay away from main pathways that stores are trying to push you through. They know most people stick to the front of the store, or skirt around the outside. “Go all the way to the back, and go to the middle as much as you can,” Ali recommends. “[Whether it's] the middle of the aisle or the middle of the store, or the middle of the rack – that's where you're gonna save the most money.” Now that’s advice you can take to the bank!


3. Beware of Aisle Blockers



Next up, beware of those sneaky aisle blockers! “They're officially called ‘merchandise outposts,’ those cute displays in the middle of the aisle that you have to walk around,” Ali warns. Deep down, these blockers trigger the primal "fight or flight" instinct. “Am I going to go around this because it's safe? Or am I going to run away? If you choose to go around it, you feel like you're safe, so therefore it's safe to buy,” Ali explains. And if you think it sounds like hogwash, check the data since aisle blockers increases sales over ninety percent.


4. Samples Are a Trap!



Next up: that free sample they're giving away? It’s a trap! “It stimulates your pre-frontal cortex, so that's where your impulse decisions are made,” says Ali. You won’t believe how effective this trick is! Samples increase sales anywhere from ninety to ninety-three percent. “One study even found that when it comes to food sampling, it would increase their sales by over two-thousand percent,” Ali shares. Wow!


5. Beware the Chair!



Finally, beware the chair, folks – because shopping is supposed to be uncomfortable. “We actually stimulate the pain point in the brain when we give someone our money,” Ali offers. “That stress that we're feeling is our natural way of saying ‘don't overspend.’ There's a reason why those chairs for the guys are always near the dressing rooms.” So, they lull you into complacency with a comfy, cozy place to rest.


Marketers have reams of data, and have been studying us for years. But now you’re armed with knowledge to fight back against marketing tricks!  


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