5 Silly Stocking Stuffers Making Us Say ‘Ho Ho Ho’!

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By: Todd Covelli | Teresa Strasser Posted: 10:59 AM, Dec 14, 2018 Updated: 11:22 AM, Dec 14, 2018

One of the best things about Christmas morning is waking up to find your stocking stuffed with toys. But this year, Santa’s got a sense of humor and he’s bringing a few pranks down the chimney with him too – even for our pets! Keep reading because The List is bringing you some silly stocking stuffers to treat your family this Christmas. 

1. Cat Tin Foil Hat

We’re starting out with a stocking stuffer for our pets – a Tin Foil Hat for Cats. If your cat or dog is a conspiracy theorist, then this will come in handy. This is going to protect you from aliens trying to read your mind. We will warn you that getting it on their head may not be so easy! And here’s where you can get one for yourself too. These are less than $9 each online.

2. Vinderpant & a Rubber Chicken Wine Stopper

The next stocking stuffers are for mom and dad. The first one is called the Vinderpants, which is basically tighty whiteys for your wine. Because no one has to know you’re drinking $2 Buck Chuck on Christmas morning.

Then there’s also the Rubber Chicken Wine Stopper, a classy way to save the remaining 50 cents in the bottle. These wacky wine accessories will each cost less than $14 online.

3. Dress Up Squirrel

Our third stocking stuffer is the Dress Up Squirrel with cling-on clothes. Forget about dressing up those Fortnite characters,  now they can dress up a squirrel! This furry fashionista comes with underwear and plenty of cling-on vinyl outfits, like a bunny and a Santa. The price is less nutty than the actual product at about $8 online.

4. Clam-dy Canes

Finally, we’ll top off those stockings with something the whole family can enjoy. It’s a fishy take on candy canes aptly called Clam-dy Canes. They taste just like your traditional peppermint candy cane only more, mollusky? You can find these chumming up the internet for about $6.

So, if you’re planning to keep it silly this Christmas, here are some of the whackiest stocking stuffers for the whole family!

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