Sing & Dance Like a Pop Star with 3 Hot New Music Apps

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By: Jimmy Rhoades Posted: 1:42 PM, Nov 7, 2016

Apps have become a huge part of pop culture and are giving us all kinds of ways to be informed, entertained and educated. If your dream is to be the next big pop star then you’re in luck. Jimmy Rhoades and Bella Goodwin have three new music apps that will have you singing and dancing like a star.

1.  Flippy

This fun app will do the singing and dancing for you. Flippy sticks your head on the body of a star in short clips from famous videos. You can lip-sync, or just look happy. It’s available for iPhone and costs 99 cents.

2.  Sing Sharp

This app turns learning how to sing into a game by scoring your performance with real-time pitch detection. The idea is that practicing with the app can train you to sing in tune. Sing Sharp is free and available for iOS and Android.


It's a cool music app where you can dance to music. In 15 second bursts. Users can access famous audio clips to either lip-sync, or teach original choreography and share it with the Musicly community. It is free for iOS and Android.

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