Sleep Foods: 3 Foods That Help You Sleep & Fight Insomnia

By: Lindsey Granger | Victor Padilla Posted: 10:02 AM, Nov 14, 2018 Updated: 12:36 PM, Nov 14, 2018

You’ve heard the saying – we all need eight hours of sleep each night, but who actually gets it?! Nutritionist Jolene Goring shares three sleep foods that could help you catch more Zs and fight insomnia. And get this – you probably already have them in your kitchen!


1. Almonds Help You Sleep


Why are almonds on our list of sleep foods? “Almonds have two essential ingredients that help you sleep: tryptophan and melatonin,” explains Jolene. “You can take both of these in a pill form, but your body absorbs it way better in the natural food sense. So eat an almond instead of taking pills to help you sleep.” But don’t eat too many! Just a handful will do the trick. “You don’t want to eat a whole cup full because then you’ll be kind of weighed down,” warns Jolene. “Your body is going to try to digest the food while you’re sleeping. Just maybe five almonds will help you sleep better.” Remember, the goal is not to go to bed full – it’s to go to bed sleepy. Prefer to drink your almonds instead? Unsweetened almond milk might deliver the same effects!


2. Bananas Help You Sleep


The next snack that will enhance your slumber: bananas! “Bananas are going to work with what your body needs,” offers Jolene. “The tryptophan and magnesium are going to help relax both your mind and your body.” Now you might be wondering – do you just eat one banana? A piece of a banana? Banana bread? “I would say eat at least half of a banana,” suggests our expert. “Bananas are a little higher in sugar so you want to eat enough to get the nutrients, but you don’t want to eat ten bananas so you’re full and […] trying to digest all of that.” Like almonds, this is one of those sleep foods you’ll want to eat in moderation.


3. Sleep Foods: Pretzels


Last on our list of sleep foods? Pretzels. Yup, pretzels can actually help you sleep! Jolene says they’re a good carb to have right before bed. “If you eat a really hefty lunch and it’s got a lot of carbs in it, you’ll have a huge blood sugar spike and then you’re going to crash,” informs Jolene. “What I advise is to eat your carbs in the evening.” This way, the sugar spike and crash will happen when you want to be sleepy – instead of at your desk after lunch!


If you’re looking for sleep foods, now you know of three snacks that will have you sound asleep.


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