What Your Sleep Position Says About Your Personality

Some people read palms – others like astrology. But it turns out you can really learn a lot about a person by the way they sleep! Lauri Leadley, president of the Valley Sleep Center, is rising and shining a light on what our favorite sleep positions mean for our personalities, based on a recent study from Leesa.


1. Back Sleepers


Let’s start with back sleepers.  “The study found that 38% of back sleepers consider themselves introverts,” shares Lauri. They’re also the ones who get the proverbial worm, as 43% of back sleepers say they’re early birds. Could this be because they don’t get enough sleep? “Back sleepers also sleep the least amount of time, but they fall asleep the fastest,” explains Lauri. That’s right – it only takes twenty minutes! But on average, back sleepers snooze for five hours a night. Maybe it’s because they’re so active in their sleep! “Back sleepers are more likely to have vivid dreams, sleepwalk, and have nightmares,” adds Lauri. But when they’re awake, they’ll enjoy watching sitcoms – like Modern Family.


2. Stomach Sleepers


Time to roll over for the stomach sleepers, who happen to be a bit of a mixed bag. “Stomach sleepers were found to be ambiverts – a little bit of introvert, a little bit of extrovert,” reveals Lauri. “They also are early birds, but they’re also night owls!” Thirty-four percent of people considered themselves a mix of the two – and that works in their favor! “If you’re looking for a good friend, you might want to find a stomach sleeper because they’re found to be the most easygoing,” says Lauri. So they’ll share the popcorn when watching their favorite TV shows – which include Stranger Things, The Walking Dead, and A Handmaid’s Tale. And when it comes to actually sleeping, they sleep six hours a night on average, taking 23 minutes to fall asleep.


3. Side Sleepers


Now on to side sleepers; nearly half of the people polled prefer to sleep on their sides. “Side sleepers are most likely to be identified as night owls,” informs Lauri. Maybe it’s because they’re busy being the life of the party! “Contrary to the back sleepers, side sleepers are extroverted,” she advises. So it makes sense sleep doesn’t come the easiest, as side sleepers take the longest to fall asleep – approximately 24 minutes. Just enough time for some late-night laughs! “When it comes to TV, they like classic comedy like Friends. Good to know!


4. Right vs. Left Side Sleepers


Finally – it turns out that whether you’re a left or right-side sleeper also makes a difference. According to a survey from Sealy, people who favored sleeping on their left sides were more likely to work in marketing or advertising and have a higher level of education. As for righties, the Sealy survey revealed right-side sleepers were more likely to be heavy smokers and consume more caffeine than any other sleep position. Additionally, those who favor their right side tended to work in the transportation and manufacturing industries. Interesting!


And that’s how catching Zs is full of personality!