Smartphone Deals: 3 apps that can save you big money

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By: Lindsey Granger Posted: 5:52 PM, May 1, 2017

An average of 21 percent of Americans spends more money on our cellphone bill than buying groceries. That's just crazy, but it shows how much we rely on these smart devices. It’s time to make your phone work for you! Lindsey Granger has three apps that can help you earn some big bucks.

1.  Qapital

This is a free banking app that lets you get the things you want without sacrificing the things you love. If you're buying a cup of coffee for $2.50 then the Qapital app rounds that up to $3 and saves 50 cents to your Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. insured capital account.

2.  GasBuddy

This free app uses consumer reported info to keep you up to date on the lowest gas prices near you. It has more than 32 million users throughout the country so it will stay up to date on deals. The best part, every time you report a gas price you earn points toward winning a daily $100 gas gift card. Fill up your tank and your bank account!

3.  Mint

This free app organizes your spending by categories and tracks your budgets so you always have one source for a full summary of your financial info. Mint even makes recommendations to lower APR credit cards and will help you save the most based on your lifestyle.

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