So Hot! 3 fashion tips to look more attractive

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By: Kristina Guerrero | Elyse Johnson Posted: 5:06 PM, May 8, 2017

Whether you're the happy type or very serious type, it doesn't matter. Personality traits aside, psychologist and author Jennifer Baumgartner is sharing with Kristina Guerrero a list of ways to be attractive just by a change of clothes.

1.  Red

When women wear red, men usually find them more attractive and more approachable, and actually will help them more. When men wear red, women find them more attractive and assume they're of higher status than men that are not wearing red. When we look at color, specifically red, it's often health, flush, full of life, the blood is pumping, fertile so that is why we're attracted to the color red because it does indicate youth as well as sexual prowess.

2.  Heels

In most cases women that are wearing heels are more likely to be assisted by men than those who are not. Also, men are more attracted to women wearing heels. It's because of the effect they have on a lady's walk.

3.  Suit

A bespoke suit is better than off the rack. If it fits well woman find the man even more attractive, think his salary is higher and his social status is higher. The rationality is this balances the hunter gather relationship. Most women associate a man in a suit with a man that's working and that equals stability. When they look at it from the evolutionary perspective they want a man that's stable.

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