Social Stores: 3 Fun Group Activities You Can Do at Supermarkets

By: Meredith Witthar | Kristina Guerrero Posted: 5:18 PM, Apr 4, 2018

As retailers like Toys “R” Us close their doors, and online grocery shopping becomes more popular – grocers are creating a more social atmosphere to keep customers. So skip the pub or the latest restaurant! We're hitting up the hottest new spot to hang out and mingle.  


1. The Bar

Our first social flashpoint is the bar. We met up at Whole Foods with Marketing Supervisor Theresa Sarna who gave us the skinny. “Our stores are more than just grocery stores,” she shares. “We want it to be a community gathering place; some place where coworkers can meet up for a drink after work, [or] where families can spend the night out together. We even have couples that come in and do their date nights at Whole Foods!” Hey, why bother with apps when the apple of your eye could be in the produce aisle, right?


2. Restaurants

Next up on our list: restaurants! Theresa says customers want to have their groceries and eat them too. “So why not offer them something that is unique, of high-quality, great-tasting, with a local flavor to it as well?” she offers. Talk about a great way to kill two birds with one stone. Kroger even opened its first sit-down restaurant inside the Union, Kentucky store. Each grocer is finding something to make themselves stand out. “We try to offer [it] all,” says Theresa. “We try to do unique takes on a lot of different menu options. In addition, we also have a lot of options for people with alternative diet[s], so we cater a lot to the vegan and vegetarian community.” There’s something for everyone!


3. Food Prep

Last on our list is food prep! Whole Foods has all kinds of foods ready for you to create your own meal. And talking to the grocers about prepping is a great way to meet others in the same boat – as are cooking classes. Classes like these are all part of Whole Foods’ plan to create a convivial experience. “Our stores are really a destination we want our customers to be excited about food,” Theresa shares. “We want them to feel that as soon as they walk into our doors.”


4. Join the Fun

Looking to take advantage of these social activities? Head over to for starters – then pick your individual store location, and they’ll list their local event calendar. You’ll find all sorts of fun gatherings such as bingo night, yoga, and taproom takeovers. Interested in cooking classes? Visit Whole Foods’ Salud Cooking School page! Note that some classes do incur a cost, depending on the location and provisions included in the class. Bon Appetit!


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