Spring Decor 2019: 3 Home Decorating Trends to Refresh Your Space

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By: Meredith Witthar | Lindsey Granger Posted: 10:56 AM, Mar 12, 2019 Updated: 9:46 AM, Mar 13, 2019

Need some spring decor ideas? Then keep reading! We hit Sweet Salvage, a vintage marketplace where multiple designers curate displays, and had owner Kim Rawlins walk us through some home decorating trends to help rejuvenate your space! The theme this season? Think jungles and safaris – an aesthetic Kim has dubbed “jungalow”!


Bring it Back to Nature

The first way to incorporate this year’s spring decor trends into your home?  Bring it back to nature! “Whether it’s one little plant hanging in a corner, or surrounding yourself with all this luscious green – it really brings the space to life,” shares Kim. Bring succulents, snake plants and other greenery that’s easy to care for. Then Kim says you can incorporate natural materials in unexpected places – like a beaded chandelier.


Down to Earth

We’ll continue our trek through the jungalow style with a more down to earth feel. Kim recommends finding ways to incorporate rich colors and earth tones, which can help create a calming environment. You still have the plants and the boho type of vibe, but you can create a cozier feel to this style with warmer color tones. “You’ll see it in beadwork a lot with the macramés and even in indoor hammocks,” says Kim. Our expert says you also want to play with different textures in these tones – like tossing some textured pillows on a bamboo chair. You can also try experimenting with wool blankets, various greenery and fringe. This is one of those spring decor trends that allows room for versatility!


Infuse with Indigo

And finally, jungle’s don’t just have to be green – you can create more color by infusing your spring decor with indigo. “Indigo is such a strong, wonderful color, but what we’re finding is it’s also a neutral,” advises Kim. That’s right! Instead of the typical blacks and greys, Kim uses indigo as a neutral. She says you can add pops of color like gold, creams, and fuchsia. You’ll still see natural elements like driftwood, but the patterns also stand out. “What we’re seeing a lot of in indigo is the patterns – a lot of the tribal patterns, and you’ll find it in the Batiks that are out there,” say Kim. “Batik is a name of the fabric; it has African origin. It’s really well made and each pattern is going to be different.” Can’t wait to try this spring decor trend!


If you’re looking for spring decor ideas, now you’ve got three different ways to revive your home.


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