Springtime Deals: May 2018 is the Best Time to Buy a New Samsung Smartphone!

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By: Jimmy Rhoades Posted: 5:16 PM, May 1, 2018

It's springtime, and we want to make the inside of your wallet as green as your lawn! So we spoke with DealNews analyst Janice Lieberman, who gave us the best deals to snag in May.


1. Home Appliances


First on our list are the big-ticket items: home appliances! “We know we tell you that Black Friday is a great time – but May and Memorial Day is the next-best time,” says Janet. “You're gonna see Home Depot offering great deals, [and] JCPenney matching it.” In fact, any retailer that does price-matching is effectively running Home Depot's sale, with one caveat: “Home Depot last year did free delivery, so make sure you check out to see if that hikes up the price where you're shopping,” warns Janice. Good point, girl! And in the days leading up to Memorial Day, look for washers, dryers, and refrigerators at up to forty percent off.


2. Samsung Smartphone


Next, if you're an Android person who loves Samsung smartphones, you’re in luck! “If you've been holding off on that Samsung smartphone, this may be the month to buy it,” reveals our expert. “The Galaxy S9 is already dropped. We expect it to drop thirty percent more, so watch the sales if you're in the market for a smartphone.” That's a pretty big price cut on a current model phone!


3. Spring Apparel


Next – and this just makes sense – look for great deals on spring apparel. “We told you to hang on and wait, so this is the month to start looking,” Janice dishes. Spring is ending, so expect big savings on spring-weight clothes, especially in the days leading up to Memorial Day. Last year, The Gap had their best sale in May – knocking at least fifty-percent off sitewide. And a surprising piece of apparel? “Bathing suits!” adds Janice. “This is a great time to stock up on bathing suits, goggles – anything for the swim.” So suit up and save!


4. Backyard Party Supplies


Now, this next one might seem like small potatoes, but look for deals on backyard party supplies. If you’re planning outdoor events for Memorial Day, grad parties, the Fourth of July, or Labor Day – the end-of-season sales will be too late, so pounce on these deals now! One example? Last year DealNews found a 30-foot gazebo for just eighty bucks. Check Memorial Day sales at Target, Amazon, and eBay for flatware and dishes. “Anything that you can use for your backyard galas, this is the month to stock up and buy it,” Janice insists. Roger that!


5. What Not to Buy – And When to Buy it!


Now that you know what you should buy, there are two things you should hold off on, because you can score them for a better deal later.




Grilling season is right around the corner, when demand and princes for grill will be higher. So wait until September and October when all the end-of-season sales start rolling in.


Perennial Plants


Flower prices are jacked up, thanks to Mother's Day! Wait until the end of the summer – after their blooming season, but while they're still green. And not for nothing, fall is the best time to plant these kinds of flowers anyway!


Looking for ways to cut costs this May? Now you know four ways to pay less and get more this month!


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