Spy Gear: 3 sneaky gadgets to peep out

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By: Donna Ruko | Orlando Morales Posted: 9:39 PM, May 2, 2017

Now you can feel like you’re a famous spy thanks to devices that let you secretly record audio and video, monitor your homes when we're away and even see clearly in the darkest conditions. Donna Ruko has three sneaky new gadgets you’ll want to peep out.

1.  Teton Spy Camera Pen

Nowadays the pen isn't just mightier than the sword. It's also doing the job of a video camera. This is a sneaky way to sign your name. Just press the button at the top of the pen and once the light flashes blue a couple of times, you're now recording audio and HD video. These spy pens start at around $70.

2.  LookOut Charger

This is a USB charger that doubles as a recording device. It plugs into a power outlet so it never needs charging and it can record up to seven hours of HD audio and video. It also seems great for catching a lazy laborer or making sure your teens aren't hitting the alcohol cabinet. It was a crowdfunding success and will eventually retail for around $150.

3.  Snooperscope

This cool invention gives your smartphone or tablet the power of night vision. It connects to your devices wirelessly via Wi-Fi and since it's web enabled, you can access the scope from anywhere in the world. It even lets you listen in and has a speaker for you to talk back. It's out now for $140.

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