Stay cool this summer with DIY doughut-ice cream sandwiches!

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By: Kristina Guerrero | Jessica Robertson Posted: 8:34 PM, Aug 8, 2017

If you're looking for a creative way to beat the heat this summer, how about adding ice cream to one of your already favorite treats: Doughnuts! Genius! People all over the country have been standing in line to buy doughnut ice cream sandwiches, but Kristina Guerrero's showing you 3 you can make at home, without having to leave your air conditioning!

1. The Classic

If you want to start off your doughnut sandwich adventuring on easy. Grab your favorite flavored doughnut and cut it in half like a bagel. Then pile on your favorite ice cream in the middle. Top it with the other half of the doughnut and add some pizzaz!

2. Iced Doughnut Holes

Can you eat these little things by the pound? Get them chilled for summer by adding ice cream! Use a turkey baster to poke a little hole into the – well – hole. Then fill a pastry bag with ice cream (or fill a Ziplock bag with ice cream, then make a small cut into one of the corners) and pipe the cream into your doughnut hole.

Freeze them for later, or give in to your temptation and eat them right after making them.

3. The Sundae Special

It doesn't get any more decadant than this. Cut your favorite doughnut in half then put the halves into a bowl. Dump in your favorite ice cream and decorate it with your favorite sundae fixin's!